The Blog: Past, Present and Future

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Accessories, Fashion trends, Shopping Tips | 2 comments

Well it’s been over a month since the Anniversary Sale ended and since I wrote my last post. If you are a new reader, I apologize for the big gap. The truth of the matter is, I’ve been doing a fair amount of evaluating on where I want to take this piece of my business. Many aspects have changed and evolved. Can you believe when I started blogging back in 2009, most of us were just starting to set up Facebook profiles? And there was no Instagram! While I know social media has its advantages/disadvantages, it has become a main focus for many small business owners like myself. There are IG stories, Reels, You Tube. I’ve dabbled in all of it, but my private Facebook group is where I spend the majority of my time. I do weekly lives. Sometimes I put them on Instagram, but I really prefer the community of the FB group. The majority of my giveaways also occur there.

Yet Facebook and Instagram algorithms are tricky. The more people that like or comment the more people that see it. Since this is so unpredictable I decided to start a weekly email campaign a few months ago I call Tuesday Topics on Style & Beauty. I wanted it to be a quick glance –just one page that’s an easy fast read especially for anyone who doesn’t spend time on “social.”

I started this blog as “continuing education” for clients. After spending 3-4 hours with them in person or virtually, they often had more questions. There is no way we could cover it all. Plus, fashion is always changing and our styles evolve. We go through life transitions. It’s important to stay current and keep learning; the blog was one way to convey that info. This year I started the Style Society membership which really filled that “continuing education” gap that I think everyone needs. I teach in-depth topics in the monthly calls that are more difficult to cover in a blog post or video. And all members have unlimited access to me so they can ask questions anytime. I love the idea of being able to provide individual help and foster a community of like minded women who are all learning. (myself included!)Frankly, I wish I had started this years ago!

So where does that leave the blog? I still enjoy writing and sharing with you. I plan to continue this fall with a little different plan. I’ll be doing a wardrobe category series for 11 weeks (cardigans, tees, casual pants etc) on FB and will use the same topics here as well. I will incorporate accessories whenever possible to complete looks and provide layouts with most blogposts.

Here’s how it will look starting next week: I’ll do a Facebook Live video which will be saved on You Tube and IGTV.

Every platform will look a little different.

— The Facebook group will definitely have the most variety of content.

–You Tube and IGTV are simply the video from the FB Live.

— Tuesday Topics will feature a short style highlight typically from FB or IG which may or may NOT pertain to the weekly wardrobe series. I have women who follow on all so I like to change it up. Tuesday Topics is also a source of info for my Stella & Dot/EVER skincare customers. If you are not on FB or IG much, I suggest signing up for this (see link below)

–Instagram (including stories and reels) is a combination of Style, Beauty and some personal pieces as well.

Now you have lots of choices. If you would like to join one of the other platforms you can do so here:




YOU TUBE (if you subscribe you receive a notification if there is a new video)

I look forward to this new series and I hope you will enjoy it! And I’ll leave you with some highlights from the END OF SUMMER sales. Most wardrobe pieces are on sale, but had to throw in a few regular price. I kept it neutral so you could envision similar pieces you may have in your closet and how these accessories could enhance them.

The Accessory and Beauty items are from Stella & Dot. (I fine tuned the search for sale only) You can even receive an extra 25% off SALE items! Just reply to this post and ask me for a code!

(below) ||White Top||boots|| (love the symmetry of this top and it also comes in black)

Thank you everyone for reading and for your ongoing support shopping my links. I’m always grateful!