Spring Trends 2021: Tops

by | Apr 10, 2021 | Fashion trends | 0 comments

There is nothing like getting a new top to give your wardrobe a little life! Spring colors are so welcome after a long winter. And it’s always fun to see what the spring trends are.

First I wrote about bottoms. I was happy to hear from many of you who appreciated the post, and also said you were glad to hear you didn’t have to throw out all the skinny jeans right now!

Now it’s onto tops. Some seasons you won’t see a big turn and then other years you’ll see more of an extreme turn with trends. I love trying new trends but I do NOT embrace every single one. Remember a few years ago when tops started going shorter? That has been a slow transition and you can still find some longer tops. I honestly think that’s what will happen with skinny jeans too–slow transition and they will always be around. Back to tops.

Current Trends:

Puffy and balloon sleeves. (we’ve also seen more shoulder pads again the last couple or years and even oversized blazers– Hello ’90s!)

Lot and lots of floral

Shades of Yellow



Off the shoulder

Smocking and Pintucks

Sheer sleeves

When you scroll through these 20 tops you will definitely see the trends I’m referring to.

If none of these appeal to you or only a few mildy appeal to you, do not panic! While every store as a representation of these trends there are plenty of choices if this is not your style. You will find things with just a small ruffle or more subtle florals. There are tees, and solid color tops. There are still lots of choices out there! Next week I’ll show you some of the things I’ve chosen for spring and what trends I’ve tried.

So what do you think of some of the current trends? Do you have a favorite?