Skinny Jeans: In or Out?

by | Mar 6, 2021 | Shopping Tips | 0 comments

It all started with a recent Tik Tok video. Did you know Skinny Jeans and Side parts are out! Even before that, going back to last spring I had started to read fashion forecasts that were predicting that skinnies would not be as popular as in years past. Then I saw a clip of a famous celebrity who said she was throwing out her skinny jeans. Whether or not you paid attention to any of this, it’s easy to question if something is still current when you start seeing other styles come into play.

If you are a fan of skinny jeans, do you recall when you started wearing them? I had to really give this some thought. Going back to photos, I think it was just about 10-12 years ago. I recall wanting to tuck my jeans in a tall boot.

Here’s the scoop. Fashion is cyclical and always changing. I remember having many a discussion with clients about boot-cut jeans years ago. They never really went out completely, it was just more difficult to find in the store. Now the same thing will likely happen with skinny jean, but I predict it will not be as dramatic of an exit. The stores are still full of skinny jeans! I believe they are a classic style that are certainly better to balance with longer cardigans, toppers and sweaters. A recent Facebook Poll I did confirmed that women still love their skinny jeans. So I say keep wearing and enjoying them!

As fashion changes to keep people buying we have seen the popularity of a style I started writing about now two years ago: The flared crop. At the time, many of you were not too fond of this one. Perhaps because they are harder to style when it comes to foot wear?

Last spring I saw many more straight cuts. I struggled to find one that worked. I never kept those in the post I linked in the paragraph above. I just don’t think they are flattering at all on me. I’m going to keep trying.

Here is a widget of a variety of denim styles to show you all the different things that are in stores. Believe me, all the styles are here and there are many choices. Most are full price to give you a variety of sizes, but as you are scrolling through you will find some incredible savings on all styles of denim. If you try a new style I’d love to hear what you chose.

I did not write any posts in February because I’m working on a new project I think many of you will be interested in! It will be coming in April. I can’t wait to share it with you!

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