Skincare: Benefits of Facials

by | Mar 2, 2018 | Skincare | 2 comments

I had my first facial about 17 years ago. It was one of the most relaxing, delightful experiences. I recall the esthetician complimenting me on my skin and I was surprised. I always took care of my skin, and thought everybody did. I believe I was an Oil of Olay user in my twenties & thirties–then moved into trying lines sold through direct sales. Thankfully, even though I grew up in the “baby oil era”, I was sensible enough to keep MOST of the sun off my face, and stayed away from tanning beds. I liked the sun and being tan. I’m really thankful I saw makeup as a color solution, and covered my face starting in my mid-twenties. I had occasional break-outs but relatively few problems.

Fast forward about ten years and I met an esthetician who was extremely knowledgeable. I was like a sponge and drank in the information. I committed to getting a facial quarterly. I recall her question: “Do you exfoliate?” I have to admit I was thinking to myself. What is that?!

I became really interested in skin care and I even blogged on this topic. I re-read the info recently and still believe you may find it helpful.

Fast forward seven years. At this point, a couple different lines later, I was enjoying my Nordstrom discount with all the various lines of skincare at my disposal.

Enter EVER and my love affair with skincare went on the fast track. You can read more about my journey with EVER and learn all the ins/outs of the product.

I will post occasionally about skincare. I’ve learned a great deal in the last two years and I’m eager to share. And yes, I know what exfoliation is now, and why it is so important!

Back to the facial and why you need have one regularly… Yes it’s relaxing, pampering, and your skin feels great afterwards. There are many important health benefits. I found a great article that sums it up succinctly.

Your skin is your largest organ. Treat it well.