Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

by | Aug 7, 2020 | Shopping Tips | 2 comments

It’s that time of year again, although it is delayed a month! If you are a die hard shopper, you’ll want to scroll right to some of my choices. If you don’t know much about the sale, or you don’t typically shop at Nordstrom, you may want to tune into this video of my Facebook Live in my private group: AGELESS STYLE & BEAUTY by KAREN. You are welcome to join for a different type of content than the blog.

The sale started August 4th for the top level of shopper now called ICON. August 7-9 is the AMBASSADOR Level. August 10-12 is for INFLUENCERS and then on August 13th, the sale is open to ALL CARD HOLDERS. On August 21st, the sale is open to the Public.

You can find your shopping day by logging into your account and clicking on the Anniversary Sale info. ANYONE can preview the sale. I recommend putting your choices in a WISH LIST until the day you can shop then it allows you to transfer to the shopping bag.

This year your priorities may be different. Are you going back to an office? Are you spending your time on Zoom or are you working at home and rarely go out? This will determine where you start.

Before shopping, I always advise an informal inventory. If your clothes are nicely categorized as I teach clients, it makes it easy. If you use my tip to keep an ongoing list in your closet, you will really be set. If you keep your winter clothes stored away it makes it a little more challenging. If that is the case consider a piece of outerwear, jacket or shoe is where I’d start. It’s a little easier to remember those categories that are stored away. When the weather changes you can start filling any gaps as you begin wearing your clothes. There will be more sales in the fall.

In years past, I’ve started with coats and jackets. The savings are significant in this category. Yet, if we are home more, it’s hard to know if it’s wise to invest in another coat. I started with my favorite choices ALL under $50. In addition, I tried to keep in mind a top or jacket that would look good on a ZOOM call. This first category essentially “kills two birds with one stone”. All things in the photo are under $50 and I included them in the WIDGET below which includes clickable, shoppable links. The widget also includes more choices below and above $50. Be sure and click on the link as there are often many more color options beyond what the one image indicates.

( I earn a small commission when you shop these links. When you click the link to get to the site and choose that item or even something else I receive the credit and I THANK YOU! )


I debated about what category to add next. Because some of the Patagonia, North Face and Barbour coats sell out so fast, I decided that is what I would include in this post. I’ve written about Barbour a number of times but in short, it is one of the few completely WATERPROOF brands.

When it comes to coats think about what style you may be missing. Short puffer with hood is on my list although I like the look without a hood. I don’t really need a trench coat. Wool coats always catch my eye and the year I liked many of the choices.

And last, because I think the items will sell out I’m including THREE ITEMS that are perfect for this casual lifestyle we now lead.

  1. Jogger pant. Zella has two options and I liked both-check out the fabric content which is slightly different
  2. Slip on sneaker. There are many styles, but these by Cole Haan caught my eye. Super affordable and all 3 colors are great. I especially liked the blush for some reason, but the snakeskin print is very subtle and would really add interest to any outfit.
  3. Moto jackets are everywhere and in every style, but I liked this reversible option in two different prints. This style is key–something a little shorter with the jogger pant. These 3 items together present a current, updated & casual look that’s a winner.

What’s on your list this year?