Shoe Choices for Spring & Summer

by | Apr 22, 2021 | Shopping Tips | 0 comments

Are your shoe choices different this year compared to spring seasons in the past? I know I have come to the conclusion that comfort is more important than even before. Recently I wrote about my wardrobe evaluation and shoes are a big part of that.

One of the most common style challenges is shoes. I often hear women say: “I can put the outfit together but I get tripped up when it comes to the shoes!” Recently I created this for social media and asked everyone to participate.

On Facebook most chose #1 or #3. On Instagram it was mostly #2. I didn’t have the exact shoes to duplicate each one but tried to come close with these.

I didn’t have the blush color which was the second choice and that is actually my favorite. The black shoes I’m wearing cover more of the foot than the mule and they would work but black shoes against the white almost draw the attention down to my feet whereas I want the shoe to blend in with my feet. #3 I thought was just too white. A little embellishment on the white shoe would make a lot of difference and I included some in the choices below.

Here is what I chose, but #2 made me go on the hunt for a blush sneaker. I liked how it repeated the pink top in a different shade. When pulling an outfit together, or if something seems “off” try repeating one of colors in the outfit a couple of times. It will visually pull it together and offer more cohesiveness. I received a number of requests for the white sneaker. It’s by Sam Edelman and it is a good one!

If you are looking to add shoes for this season I would choose between a wedge, sneakers or mules. The mules and wedges will work well with the flared crop. I created this widget to cover all three categories . Recently I’ve been asked about choices for a narrow foot. Of course I have the total opposite foot, but have helped a number of customers over the years with narrow feet and it can be just as frustrating as a wide foot.

Just like I search for “Wide Widths,” I do the same thing for “Narrow Widths”. Soon you will recognize patterns in the brands and these can become your top ones to search. Many of the brands that carry a wide also come in narrow. Munro, Vaneli, David Tate, Naturalizer to name a few. For wide feet or especially if you have a bunion I’m always looking for a soft leather that covers the bunion as it will stretch and conform to the foot. The challenge is finding a strappy sandal that covers the bunion. The piece of leather that covers the top part of the foot almost always falls short. Criss cross styles often don’t cover either. Slides or mules with soft leather almost work better.

For a narrow foot (in addition to a narrow width) I often look for an ankle strap that will offer more support and hold the foot in place. Sometimes an insert can take up more space in the footbed and keep the foot from slipping around especially with a flat or pump. It has to be just right or it can make the shoe too tight. Sometimes putting an insert under the ball of the foot is enough. It pushes the foot back and keeps it from slipping.

This is my a favorite from Naturalizer that comes in Narrow or Wide. Although I don’t own it, I think it is a classic style that works for many outfits. Don’t let the pointed toe deceive you. I own a Naturalizer in a wide width (the metallic mule above) and it has plenty of room in the toe box and is very comfortable. And if you are looking to add a variety of shoes this spring, here is a widget full of many choices. I even included flip-flops (Vionic and Olukai are two favorites because they have a little more arch support ) I would love to know your favorites!

The Facebook Live video above mentions the Style Society Membership that I’ve written about a couple of times. While the promotion price was for a limited time only, the membership is always open! Contact me if you’d like to know more.