Refresh your Wardrobe for Fall

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Now that fall is officially upon us, it’s time to think about refreshing your wardrobe with a few new things OR reworking what you have and creating new combinations.

It has been an unseasonably chilly fall here! One day was the coldest recorded in September since they started keeping records 145 years ago! This made me dig into my fall clothes quickly. Typically I would have waited until October and tried to get as much mileage out of my summer pieces–making them look a little more like fall. But I was freezing. So delved into the wardrobe boxes of clothes in the garage–a task I had put off as long as I possibly could after our move.

This week I ventured into a store to get a feel of what is on trend this year. I haven’t been out much since June. I was like a “kid in a candy store”! One of my former co-workers took care of me and told me just to load up the the larger dressing room she had chosen for me and start trying. Oh was it fun to do this again! I only had an hour, but I’ll share what I found in this and upcoming posts.

I’m on a very tight budget this fall plus I have LOTS of options hanging right in my closet. I’m forcing myself to come up with new combinations which is a challenge I enjoy. (Remember, if that isn’t your thing, I’m available to help. )

And then there are times when adding a couple new pieces is a great “pick me up!” That’s where I am presently. I received a gift certificate from Nordstrom for my birthday so I that was my first stop this fall.

It has been some time since I’ve had a “try-on session”. To add a little context, my new office and place to take selfies is not as spacious. It’s a little difficult to get a good shot without the background of my free-standing mirror and all the stuff in my office. This is what you are seeing in the background. I love my new little office but it has a LOT of things in it, thus a bit cluttered for photos and not the best angles!

This windowpane top from Vince Camuto is super comfortable and flattering. Plaid was a fall trend last year and we continue to see it this season. Any shade of green is also popular this fall. This top can be worn with a looser or partial tuck or one end can be pulled through a belt loop as I’ve shown.

I was determined to find something with a snakeskin print. This NYDJ top was very comfortable but I decided I didn’t love and it went back. I didn’t think it was the most flattering on me personally, but I would still encourage you to try it.

Instead I went with these snakeskin sneakers by Naturalizer. They have a bit of a platform and are extremely comfortable. Although I purchased in wide, they rubbed slightly while breaking them in. I purchase some mole skin and placed inside the shoe which made all the difference. I think this is my favorite purchase! (note they are price matched now!) I’ll be showing these with lots of things this fall. I’m living in sneakers these days including the Ecco high tops that have become another favorite

One thing I try to do each season is define something that I wear constantly. If it is showing wear or I’m worried it will show wear, I try to look for something similar so I can rotate. One of those items right now is my Burgundy denim (not out of style, but just not as prevalent in the stores ) I found a similar pair from Wit and Wisdom. Below they are paired with a top from Stella & Dot which is the softest coziest fabric ever!

Crush it Pullover// Wit & Wisdom pants//Ecco shoes

(be sure and check the inseam on the pants as they are perfect on me but could be too short if you have long legs)

This Zip Pullover  is the very same fabric as the Crush it,  but a little longer version. I have this in blue and wore it constantly last year. I honestly could sleep in this fabric!

My favorite piece from Stella & Dot is this reversible bomber jacket. I like it so much with animal print I forgot to take a photo with the solid black! Two jackets in one for $139. It’s light weight and easy to layer over a sleeveless top, a sweater or a dress.

The 2 in 1 Pullover seemed great when I ordered it in July. The bottom piece unbuttons. I paired it with a white blouse I own and I felt that it looked better. I didn’t like the open neck–maybe because it was a cold day. I think it looks more balanced now. But it’s all about personal preference. I can see it looking great  without a blouse underneath. And I’m anxious to layer a couple different tees underneath as well.

Over to you… What have you added to your fall wardrobe?