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by | Jan 10, 2019 | Closet Organization | 2 comments

I’m curious how many of you are watching the Net Flix series Tidying up with Marie Kondo? I mentioned it the first post of the year. I’ve watched a few episodes. One thing that strikes me more than ever is the sheer volume of STUFF that people own. We are a society of excess aren’t we?

When we moved three years ago I could not believe what had accumulated in one house for seventeen years. Can anyone relate? I packed much of the house alone when we moved three years ago. We’re doing a kitchen purge again, and I’m amazed that I kept certain things. Making decisions by myself was tough because my husband had already moved. When I couldn’t decide, I just packed it and decided to deal with it later. I can’t say that I’m using Marie’s “Does it spark joy” as I’m going through various things in my house. Perhaps I need to think about it more when I get to the decorative pieces. It just doesn’t work for kitchen utensils. LOL

Speaking of that phrase, “does it spark joy” one of my clients wrote she was re-evaluating clothing in her closet. I had helped at her home a few months ago. We had a number of things that she was questioning. I thought they should stay, but my advice at the time was to wear it a few times this season. If it wasn’t working due to fit, feel or just not loving it, then it needs to go! She wrote that she decided some of the things we left just weren’t giving her joy. Decision made!

When I work with a client we do spend some time talking about those items in question. Often before I offer my opinion or go through the criteria. I will say, “tell me a little bit about this.” Many times she doesn’t have to say much and we both know it’s got to go.

My Basic Criteria in Judging Wardrobe Items

1.Does it fit and flatter. 2. Is it a great color for you? 3. Is it still in good condition? 4. Is it a current style? Perhaps I need to add: Does it bring you joy? What do you think? 

I did have to laugh to myself when a woman tried on a jacket that was clearly very small and she kept it. Marie doesn’t appear to focus on fit at least on the Net Flix series.

My Amazon Shop Page is all set to go. I really focused on organizational pieces for your closet as well as some other great tools I think are very helpful. I hope it will be useful for you.