#nsale Part 2: Coats, Jackets & Jeans

by | Jul 7, 2024 | Shopping Tips | 0 comments

Well it’s onto Day 2 of my recommendations. Several years ago I started sharing my personal Wish List and once again I created this graphic below.

Each item will be shown in one of the widgets and after I order, I’ll share my complete list.

In the past I’ve suggested paying for expedited shipping ($20). The reason for this is it prioritizes your orders and gives a better chance of getting things before they are sold out. And if you order the wrong size it gives you more time to order a different size to avoid sell out disappointment. I also had things sent to an Oregon store to save the sales tax. Well that “ship has sailed” now that I’m in Dallas, so I’ll just have it shipped to my house. I do like this option because you can try on in a dressing room in the store and return what doesn’t work right away. I like to try things at home and coordinate with what I have which helps me make better decisions.

Yesterday I shared this widget with you to get you looking at Boots & Shoes. Did you notice some patterns in trends? Remember, I’m captioning each item and sharing there. Ballet flats are back in a big way! Keep in mind, they never really were completely out, we just saw less of them. Taller boots have made a bit of a come back in recent years. Lug soles are still around and there are lots of loafers. Sneakers appear to be here to stay. Here is the widget again. Be sure to hover over each image and use your cursor to move to the next item so your captions are visible. Then click the link to put in your wish list. Go back and keep shopping the widgets.

I think you’ll notice that coats are longer. This is a welcome change for many of you who have been frustrated with shorter coats in years past. In contrast, some of us are thinking about those long coats we donated! There are more trench coats than usual. I also noticed so many more waterproof options especially by Barbour. Remember water resistant repels water, and this is often all you need, but waterproof protects from getting soaked in a downpour. Check out my captions for more details. This is a category to splurge a little. You will have a good coats for years!

I separated jackets from coats to keep it a little more focused for you! There are lots of leather options. Shackets are still a thing. There is suede, corduroy and frankly a little bit of everything!

Every style of denim is shown for the sale this year. I like to think that denim is my thing. When I worked retail, there was such a sense of accomplishment helping someone find that great fit and look fabulous in a great pair of jeans.

This is a great time to grab something in the premium category. If you can’t justify the price check the lower priced denim — Kut from the Kloth, Good American, NYDJ and Wit and Wisdom. I’ve tried these all and they are all great! Remember to look at the measurements for rise, leg opening and all the things I have taught you through the Demystify Denim Series. If you missed it, it’s a mini workshop in my Facebook group.

Happy Shopping! Thank you so much for using my affiliate links.