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by | Jul 8, 2022 | Shopping Tips | 1 comment

The sale is now open to ALL cardholders. In fact many of you were shopping last night. I’m getting some questions about the actual site and links etc. Let me address those first.

  • You can go into the Nordstrom site through any one of my links I’ve created if they are in a widget (group of links) or the general links on the home page. The best tactic is to go into the site through this link and then transfer things from wish list to shopping bag.
  • Your BEST browsing and shopping experience to navigate between the links on my site and the Nordstrom site is to use your COMPUTER or I-pad. Suffice to say that phones can just be picky and don’t let you go back and forth as easily. I sure appreciate many of you asking and double checking to make sure I receive credit. It’s not a perfect system by any means. I love sharing what I find and helping you ease the overwhelm. A little commission is just icing on the cake so THANK YOU for shopping my links!
  • This photo shows all the links that are on the home page of my website /blog.

NOW on to the Activewear which in this post will encompass some loungewear and sleep wear. I’m not going to take the time to include all the leggings and work out gear because most of you know you what like in that area. The Zella leggings are still some of my favorite-especially when they added the pocket.

This year there is a fair amount of overlap between activewear and outerwear. Below I showed the fleece pullover and the track jacket (getting low in stock) which I did purchase. I’ll wear it with jeans and paired with a different shoe/boot will dress it up. I love the feel of the fleece, but I did not purchase because they never fit me quite right.

Now I also have requests for travel clothes that can be dressed up once you arrive at your destination. In the widget there are two jackets that could easily be dressed up. I also included some casual black pants which can be perfect for travel! The Spanx ankle pant gets rave reviews. They also have a straight leg one now which some of you may like better. Zella, Wit & Wisdom and Open Edit all have options I linked.

Also worth mentioning in the widget:

  • Lightweight Zella hoodie so incredibly soft and easy to layer. I think it’s a MUST HAVE! As I was doing my proof reading I realized this didn’t make the widget. Here is the HOODIE!
  • Zella joggers were such a good find last year and many of you told me how much you enjoyed them
  • Barefoot Dreams cardigans have been around for years. At first the circle style was so popular and I really love the silhouette, but I found it to be so tight in the arms. I went with the other style I linked and it’s one of the best pieces I’ve ever bought. HANDS down. I love it!
  • I have enjoyed the Moonlight Pajamas for the last years. I think you will as well.
  • Layering basics I refer to as “Second skin” Halogen has these in 5 colors and they last for years. I wear them under sweaters and they feel so good I’ve dubbed them Second Skin tops!

I’m not going to cover lingerie because I did that in-depth post recently. Refer to it again as I know some of those recommendations will be on sale.

This nearly wraps up the Anniversary Sale coverage. I’ll do one last post next week that will include miscellaneous items from accessories, dresses and the home department. I’ll have my order so I’ll also share my favorites that are still available. Remember, all the widgets from the past few days are located HERE!

Amazon Prime Day is coming too! It’s next Monday and Tuesday-July 10 and 11 I believe. What are they thinking to put that right in the middle of the Nordstrom Sale! LOL. I don’t recall it was in July before.

I’ll do my research for that this weekend. I’ve only shopped on Prime Day one time so please weigh in and let me know what kind of finds you’ve discovered over the years.

Have a lovely weekend and I’ll be back next week with a couple more posts.