#nsale 2024: Tops, Sweaters & Accessories

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Shopping Tips | 0 comments

Well if you are at the ICON level you were shopping last night. Ambassadors start tonight at 12:01 EST. I’ll be working on the rest of my Wish List tonight to be ready tomorrow night. I’ve spent hours combing the site and writing short descriptions for you. I’m not really sure if I want to go to the store or not. Part of me doesn’t want to get caught up in all the craziness. (On Thursday Influencers can shop and that is most card holders.) But I’ll certainly report back if I do! I’ll be checking out what the Influencers are all saying. You know as much as I think I thoroughly go through the site, someone else always seems to find something I swear I’ve never seen!

I wanted to clarify something in the widgets. I recommend when shopping to use a desktop with a big screen (which I don’t have LOL) or at least a lap top. This helps you to see the items more clearly versus your phone. When looking at my widgets, you can hover or the image and the caption will come up. However, on your phone, just tap the I in the top corner and you will see the captions. Make sure to just do a light tap, and not hold it down. I have to admit it was a little confusing as I’ve not captioned consistently!

As mentioned before, the reason I start my recommendations with shoes, coats and denim is these are the categories you see the greatest savings AND the best selection. Throughout the year you will always find things on sale, but it’s rare to find the variety especially in shoes at Clearance sales.

What about color trends? Red is everywhere and still lots of olive green and chocolate brown like last year. Vests are really on trend and often worn without something underneath. Coats are a little longer. Dresses and denim -just about any length goes but overall dresses are longer so we needed longer coats! Tops are a variety of lengths which many of you welcome. I’m not seeing as many longer cardigans although they are still in the mix.

This will be my last post during the Early Access Shopping days. I’ll circle back with Good Finds and What’s left next week.

I called this widget TOPS which encompassed sweaters and sweaters. I also put in a few dresses.


Belts are a really good price and there are some great choices! I always like one that is reversible. More bang for your buck. The Accessories category is pretty extensive because it covers sunglasses, jewelry, scarves, belts, luggage and more. If you do your own accessories search, I would suggest putting in a price point in the left margin. This will filter out all the Bony Levy jewelry which is very high end. They do a trunk show every year during the sale, and there are way more choices than ever before. It really slowed me down so I wanted you to be aware. I don’t think many of you are into jewelry pieces for thousands of dollars unless it’s a very special occasion.

I’d love to hear what you love this year and what’s in your Wish List. Let me know in the comments!