#nsale 2021 Shoes and Boots

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It’s my fourth post of the sale and today I’m covering shoes and boots which has always been one of my favorite categories. I loved selling shoes because it’s one of the components that truly pulls an outfit together. Shoes can make/break the outfit! Although I didn’t enjoy finding them and pulling them from the shoe room. It was a maze with thousands of pairs, and I often struggled to find what I wanted quickly.

I spent the whole day in appointments. First, virtually on Zoom and then two “in-store” appointments. It is now fair to say that things are starting to sell. I spoke with two different employees today to get a read on product. Covid has really affected business the last 18 months in a number of ways.

  1. A local store closed in 2020. We used to have 5 (6 including Salem which is an hour from Portland) and now we have two! One of those is Downtown Portland which as a whole is totally in recovery mode. Many customers still don’t really want to go there. I did go earlier in the week, and if you saw my Instagram story I did a short video of the dressing rooms where I used to work. There wasn’t one person in them at 1:00 in the afternoon on Day 3 of the sale! Washington Square, the other store in the area, has been VERY busy–especially today.
  2. Yes product is still coming, but they don’t have the staff they once did to get it in the system. Today the racks desperately needed to be re-stocked too.

I just wanted you to have a small taste of what it’s like locally and probably across the country. Sometimes it’s easy to get frustrated for things not going exactly right. Yet when you know just a little background I think that helps to put it in perspective. I get disappointed when things sell out too, yet I doubt most of us will remember what was sold out and what we didn’t get our hands on 6 months from now!

My strategy to order things to be picked up in store or sent to my house via expedited shipping has worked pretty well. The only glitch– I ordered at midnight on Tuesday hoping I would be able to pick up the order after my appointment at the downtown store. But it was not ready by the time I left in the late afternoon which again is indicative of lack of employees. Most of the things that were not in the store and qualified for expedited shipping came today!

As inventory diminishes it makes this job a little harder because many of my recommendations are limited but here goes!

Boot styles– “They are “a changin”!

I have a lot more to say about this topic and how it corresponds with denim styles but that will have to wait for now. The main pattern you’ll see is the heavy tread which is referred to as the lug sole. I’ve heard that the selection of shoes this year is not super popular, and I think this is why. It’s a very distinct style that can look a bit “heavy”. The “jury is out” on what I think. I simply have to try and play around with some of them. Despite this new look, I think there is still something for everyone. Sizes are fairly prevalent in most of the things I chose. Here is the widget. Then I’ve written a few more details that correspond with some of the choices.

***Remember to hover over each image for the details (all except sale price) They are links and I certainly thank you for shopping them. Even if you go in through one of these links, and choose something else while on the site, I still receive the credit and I appreciate the support!

  • The Ugg slippers are extremely popular for Christmas gifts. I can’t remember what style has been on sale in recent years, but these are my favorite. I like that sole with the tread in this slipper– as for some reason it gives more support to me.
  • Mules continue to be popular–dressy to casual
  • We also see loafers. One reader sent me the photo of her Donald Pliners she ordered. The navy is so pretty, and she said they were extremely comfortable. The Bueno brand I’ve written about before has that really soft leather which provides so much “give” so take a look at those.
  • Blondo has been around for a few years and is waterproof. This year the Vionic boot was added that is also waterproof. (I ordered this one and will report on it soon)
  • Many customers get their athletic shoes at the sale with several brands available.
  • Sneakers! The Sam Edelman sneaker I’ve raved about is a little different than the style I have. But they are equally as good. The only problem is that this one runs larger. I ordered a 7.5 in the mink. They are a good half size to full size too big and the mink is sold out! The P448 is like a designer sneaker to me. Someone wrote on my IG it’s like “walking on a cloud”. They are ordered–I’ll let you know.
  • I love the Olakai flip flops. They are just the best and are only marked down for this sale.
  • Although we are seeing the lug sole on boots, you will still find a more streamlined look too. Kork Ease is a brand I’ve liked in the past, but you’ll see Frye, Franco Sarto and Lucky in the typical short bootie.
  • A number of you commented on my “over the knee” boots last year. I’ve only been looking for 5 years for the right ones. Mine are not available, but the one linked above I think is close.

So what catches your eye (or doesn’t) when it comes to shoes and boots this year?