Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Comfortable Options

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In my first post for the sale, I focused on affordable options tops/jackets and shared my favorite outerwear. Now we are moving to what most of us are living in these days– Activewear, denim and when the weather changes: SWEATERS.

Tomorrow, all of you who are at the INFLUENCER shopping level will be able to purchase for the next 3 days before it goes to all card holders on the 13th. Yes, some things are starting to sell out and that will continue.

***SHOPPING TIP: Keep the item number of the piece that sold out. Create a little key: Item # 5686590: North Face Hoodie Medium Gray. It’s so easy top pop those numbers into the search box for accurate and quick results instead of a brand name or style name. Check every day. Returns happen.

Here are some of the best activewear options. Everyone loves the Zella leggings. I’m a fan of the pocket style, but there are lots to choose from. I picked some comfy sweatshirts for cooler days. There is even a Zella pullover sweatshirt with pockets! Make sure to click on the all the images because things REALLY look different in another color. (Sometimes it doesn’t allow me to change the image.) There are things I look past and then I see it in another color and think ok I REALLY like that!

THANK YOU for shopping my links. When you click on an image it links you to the Nordstrom site through an affiliate called Shopstyle. I earn a small commission from your purchase at no extra charge to you. I appreciate it very much!

The next category is DENIM!

I probably wear more denim than leggings, but perhaps I’m in the minority here ? I just find denim to be so soft and comfortable these days. This sale is a great opportunity to get some the premium denim brands (Paige, AG, Mother, Rag & Bone) but honestly labels like Wit & Wisdom and Kut from the Kloth have fantastic styles too. Every style from skinny, boyfriend, crop flare, button front, distressed to dark are all available. Most are high waisted which is the current trend, but there are few mid-rise brands too. Make sure to look at the rise measurement. There aren’t quite as many choices as other years, but I think between these brands you’ll find something.

My favorites? I’m very partial to Wit & Wisdom right now. You can’t beat the price and the “Ab-Solution” in the waistband is very forgiving and flattering. Many times you can size down in this brand. The Donna style from Kut is excellent.. Last year I found my favorite pair of denim ever by AG. It is called the Farrah High rise and this year it is in too light of a wash to suit me. I read a lot of reviews and articles by other bloggers and hear so much about Mother. They don’t fit me well but I seem to be the exception! The price reduction on that pair is significant, yet they are cropped and may not be the right style for many going into winter. Paige has been my favorite label for years. This year a pair of Joe’s appealed to me so I’m trying those and Wit and Wisdom. The widget below has a selection from each label I mentioned.

I’m a huge fan of denim and I have many pairs, but If you need to make cuts in your list, I’d wait with denim. You will find great price matching all year at Nordstrom with significant price cuts.

Next are some of the higher end sweaters. These fit in the SPLURGE category I mentioned when I did my Facebook Live session. These are quality pieces you will have for years. They are selling out quickly, but this will be something that people misjudge size, so watch for returns. Also, the higher priced things often come back because women have “buyer’s remorse” with a higher ticket item. If you can’t justify it this year, keep these brands in mind: Nordstrom Signature and Vince are the best quality.

I know when you look at these styles you are going to wonder why in the world I’m suggesting these when they look so baggy and oversized. Keep in mind the models are the thinnest women you can possibly imagine. These sweaters do NOT look like that on the average person! I have several customers who swear by these brands and want a few every year! What about me? I bough a Vince sweater three years ago and admittedly had buyer’s remorse. I took it back. I’m going to try a couple this year so stay tuned on my Facebook group or on Instagram to see photos of what I purchased this year. I’ll be sharing a try-on session as soon as my things arrive!

Not sure you want to splurge quite yet? Keep an eye out for these sweaters in the CLEARANCE section. I even included one in the widget below!

And last it’s Shoes and Boots but I might as well called the category just BOOTS! Snakeskin is still extremely popular. You will see chunkier heels, lots of sneakers of all styles. Don’t get rid of your tall boots–they aren’t as prevalent, but still relevant. In fact, I’m considering the black pair of Vince Camuto. So simple and classic looking. They changed up the Ecco sneaker a little. I have those in two colors and they are my favorite for 3 seasons out of the year. (I don’t wear them as much in the summer.)

Blondo is the best waterproof brand for your money. Aquatalia (also waterproof) may be a splurge but will stand the test of time for sure. They are beautifully made! Enjoy perusing all these great pieces and let me know if you have any questions!

Coming next week: Lingerie and loungewear, Accessories and Home.