“Must Have” Accessory: The Hipsi Belt

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Does the waistband gap on your pants? Do you feel like you are often pulling up your jeans especially if they are more of a lower or even a mid-rise? The Hipsi Belt is the perfect solution.

Many women experience the gapping waistband because their waist is smaller than their hips. Pants with contoured waistbands really helped alleviate this, but they are nearly impossible to find. Alterations are often necessary.

Now you can try a belt instead. Let me clarify that if your waistband has a gap of several inches, it’s wise to alter first because the belt will just make it “bunchy”.

The Hipsi Belt has a decorative, flat buckle and you can actually switch out the fashion buckles. The width is perfect, and fills in the space from the top to bottom of your belt loop. It comes in different colors. I have the champagne.

Hipsi belt

Hipsi Belt before and after

It’s perfect for the popular trend of partial tucking, side tucking or knotting a longer top AND it’s adjustable.

Hipsi belt

Hipsi belt

You may be familiar with a similar product called Invisbelt. I recall the thin plastic version from years ago. While the new wider style is definitely better and less expensive, I’m a little partial to the Hipsi Belt now because of the decorative buckle and ease in adjusting it.

Both will work well. Both available on Amazon Prime!

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