Liverpool Denim

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I have a hunch this is a denim label many of you may not be familiar with. I first became acquainted with Liverpool at the boutique I was working at the last year. Nordstrom carries it too, although I didn’t know it when I was working there. I’m guessing it is primarily online or at certain stores.

The Liverpool price point is affordable. I’m a big fan of Paige and Rag & Bone denim, but Liverpool is excellent quality with a great fit at half the price. I’d say some styles run a little generous with denim. With some of the printed pant styles I sized up one. Notice the extended sizes too!

Recently I added a black pair (Bridget style) and it has a higher rise which is slowly making it’s way back in the world of denim. I’d say there are a variety of styles–not all skinny styles. Although boot cut and straight cut really never went out of style, it was difficult to find them. Each label designed 10 tapered, skinnies to a couple boot cut. A straight cut was nearly non-existent in the stores. Yet, it is one of the most flattering fits on many body types especially Size 10+ And the straight cut is perfect particularly for women who don’t like the feel of something tight around their calves. Their Sadie is a nice choice.

Both the boot cut and straight cut from Liverpool are great fits although most are more of a mid rise.

I also think they do a great job with the comfortable pull-on style, as well as staying current with distressed and unfinished hems.

The jackets are my favorite. They are incredibly comfortable with just the right amount of stretch. The moto style one shown below honestly feels like a sweatshirt. Comfort with style! The denim jacket choices: both traditional and with a twist. The longer denim one shown (from last fall) has become a “go-to”. It comes and goes on the Nordstrom site. If you don’t see your size presently, stay patient.

Shopping online can be challenging and frustrating. One of the features I can offer bringing back my site is personalized help with sizing. I can help guide you to the right size. Interested in Liverpool? Contact me and I’ll guide you.