Let’s Clean it Up!

by | May 3, 2018 | Clean Beauty | 8 comments

Working your way into products with clean ingredients is a process. My goal is to help break it down into a workable plan. It doesn’t happen overnight so be patient, and find the right starting place for YOU!

Many of us get overwhelmed with the research, the cost of starting with new things AND then there is the dilemma… does it really work? I had a friend who was light years ahead of me, and that was my advantage. I’m going to try and help you in three blog posts!

Although I had started with a better deodorant in 2015, I really did not do anything else until about six months later. I learned Europe has strict guidelines for beauty products. The United States does not. There are many skincare lines out there with AMAZING results using questionable ingredients. (Typically chemical based) There are skincare lines on the market with natural, botanical clean ingredients that are not getting the results. EVER skincare had incredible clinical results with impressive before/after pictures AND good-for-you ingredients. Jumping on board was an easy decision.

The skin is our largest organ. When I learned that the skin absorbs anything so quickly into the bloodstream I knew this is where I should start. (skin and body products) I kept using my makeup because I was still not completely “in the know” about fragrances and talc etc. When EVER Makeup was released of course I checked that off the list. Here is the order of priority to me. Your list may look a little different:

1. Skincare and body

2. Makeup

3. Shampoo and hair products

4. Household cleaning products.

If you are joining me in the TOXIC TOSS CHALLENGE, you will want to start with getting some information. I mentioned the THINK DIRTY app. It’s easy and a place to start because you learn things fast. Is it perfect? NO.

Here is a great article that was helpful to me when starting with the app.

Now let’s dig in with “Think Dirty”

1. Type in the name of the product vs. trying to scan

2. The first thing I tried was my beloved Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner

3. An 8 is NOT great. But click on the number so you get the details

4. Next, click on the actual ingredient in red and you will see all the details.

This gives you the basics and now you can start going through your products. Admittedly, I got a little obsessed and finally had to put it away for a while. I’m going through makeup first. I’ll be sharing my finds on a Facebook Live on my Facebook group next Monday night. If you would like to be part of the group you can JOIN and I’ll approve you. There is a discussion on deodorant going on there.

And how you would like to be entered in a Giveaway? Make a comment on what you plan to start with or if you tried the app. I’ll be giving away a product from EVER and we will have an additional product give away from PURE HAVEN.

The last post will focus on hair, cleaning and a few other categories.

Ok, let’s get the comments going. I’m anxious to hear about your findings!