How to Wear Current Trends: Hoodie/Jacket, Graphic Tee

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Fashion trends | 2 comments

I first started seeing the graphic tee trend a couple of years ago. I’ve mentioned it a number of times here. It was a great way to dress down a blazer. The juxtaposition of these two contrasting styles made it interesting and one that caught my attention then. Now two years later, we are seeing it everywhere.

It was hard to find a graphic tee then and now they are much more prevalent. I joked recently with a client that I am not suggesting rock concert tees. However, you can buy those now too with a twist of course! I’m a “grew up in the 70’s” girl and this makes me laugh a little. And yes if I find the right one I’m buying it. Love me some 70’s Rock in Roll–maybe this one with QUEEN from Amazon will make my list.


  1. The key to a pairing a graphic tee with a jacket is that you need to make sure it’s fitted. This look will NOT work with those oversized T-shirts you may have stashed away in your closet. That’s an emphatic NO!
  2. If your blazers are sitting in your closet unworn, roll up the sleeves and pair them with a new graphic tee. It will make all the difference and make them feel so much more casual!

I don’t have a bunch of examples for myself yet. Recently I bought the Beatles Abbey Road at Amazon and this NYC Graphic from JCREW is still available and I liked that as well. Some of you may recall graphic tees and sweatshirts that were purchased on a trip. A souvenir if you will. The Abbey Road shirt was signifiant and relates to a funny story when our family was in London and duplicated the famous photo. But I’ve only been to NYC once years ago and I’d still wear that. The point being–pick something you like the picture or the saying and go with it. It doesn’t have to coincide with a story or trip.

EVEREVE has four pages of tees–lots of great choices here!

Next trend is the hoodie paired with a blazer. Just like graphic tees, I started to see this a couple of years ago. Last fall I tried it for the first time. Again the word juxtaposition is appropriate to describe this trend because just like you would not typically put a casual tee with written words under a blazer, you wouldn’t put a hooded “sweatshirt” under a blazer or jacket in years past. But it works. It was brought to mind again when I received my EVEREVE catalog in the mail! There are also jackets that have attached or removable hoods now. And some have inserts that zip out which is a great idea too.

Blanknyc from Nordstrom: click on photo for link


  1. Find a hoodie that has some pattern or texture (as shown below) as I think this automatically adds interest under a solid. Or pair a solid under a plaid or print jacket. I also like to contrast the colors a little bit.
  2. Make sure the fabrication is such that it is not going to be too thick and bulky. I looked for blends. My “Buy, Pick up in Store” order went to the wrong store so unfortunately I did not have my new hoodies in time to show before this published. No new looks. Stay tuned on Instagram or Facebook to see my ideas.
  3. There are hoodies that have a sheen to them–more workout wear type of hoodies. For some reason, my eye didn’t like this look as well, but maybe you will be drawn to it.

Have Fun trying some new trends. Which one will you be more likely to try?