How to Find Sunglasses on a Budget

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Accessories, Fashion trends, Shop on a Budget | 20 comments

Summer is almost here! It’s going to get really warm this week in Portland, and I thought it was the perfect time to discuss sunglasses. And I haven’t done a giveaway in a long time…Keep reading for that.

Looking at my “sunnies” post from last year, most of the info pertains to what I would say today. But the links will not be up to date because inventory has come and gone. Skim this post if you are looking for hat info –especially if you are in the market for a great packable version.

Do you have several pairs of sunglasses in your rotation? I used to laugh at the idea of that. I purchased one pair, wore them to death and then bought a new pair. If cared for well, and kept in the case, a good pair of sunglasses will last for years.

Just like my handbags, I found I started getting tired of the same sunglasses and so it would be nice to rotate a few styles. When I bring a pair back, I like them again after having a break.

I found two great pairs at the Nordstrom Rack this year-both were less than $100. These Jimmy Choo sell for $300+ (similar styles) and mine were under $100

jimmy Choo sunglasses

I also picked up a pair at Modao Resale: Bvlgari for $69. Amazon carries dozens of styles by Bvlgari. I’m very drawn to this label but you want to get them at a reduced price. Macy’s also carries them. I like the touch of dark purple. It adds some interest and blends with most everything. These are the two I’ll rotate this summer and my Tom Fords will take a break.

This is a pair of Kate Spade. I purchased this pair for a photo and forgot to return them, so I’m giving them away to one lucky reader! I always talk about the comfort of sunglasses and almost every pair of Kate Spade that I try fit the bill. Comfortable, great fit and go with any face shape. These glasses do have a bigger frame. I especially like something like this style when in bright tropical sun. They are the perfect glasses by the pool or beach. The more rays you can block out around your eyes, all the better!

If you live close to a Nordstrom Rack or feel comfortable ordering online, it’s a great option for sunnies. Don’t forget to grab a case when you are in the store. Kate Spade styles at The Rack. 

Jimmy Choo at The Rack

Make a comment and be entered to win this pair of sunglasses! Deadline to enter: June 14th 9:00 PST.

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