How to Evaluate your Spring Style Needs

by | Apr 4, 2021 | Shopping Tips | 4 comments

Happy Easter to all of you! Looking back to last year at this time it certainly is refreshing to see hope on the horizon as things open up more. Enjoy your day day to the fullest. If it’s a busy day of hosting or spending time with family, I hope you’ll come back to this post later in the day or week.

I’ve been doing a fair amount of evaluating these last weeks. Of course I’m looking at what’s in my closet as I make the switch to spring clothes. But it really goes deeper than that. Has my style changed? Or more importantly have my clothing needs changed? What have I learned about what I’ve chosen to wear during the last year? I started writing about this in a post in January. Now I’m digging in a little more.

As I said in the fall, it would be unfair to get rid of a bunch of things based on a pandemic year. Yet, here is what I’ve noticed for myself. I share this because I think it’s a great way to put your clothing needs in perspective. And of course this year it is even more important. I think it’s caused all of us to think about clothes just a little differently. Here is my “evaluation”. You can pattern your thoughts in a similar way and I think it will be very helpful.

I love sneakers of all styles. Lace-up, slip on, printed, textured, smooth, colors. I added 4 pairs of slip-ons to the collection this year and one lace- up pair. They are so easy to wear with anything now-even casual skirts and dresses. They especially made sense working at home (although many winter days I was in slippers exclusively!) In case the sneaker has become a style you’ve embraced, here are some of my favorites.

I don’t need any more jackets! And If I do purchase one, it will be more of a sweater style that has some give or it will be more casual. Don’t get me wrong. I still love the look for a jacket or blazer but I have plenty. My goal has been to create some different looks with those I felt still worked. Some of you may a need to update, add or perhaps share my sentiments of desiring more comfort. So here is a variety of styles for you to choose from.

I love hoodies and joggers! It’s certainly been a year for the jogger pant. Besides wearing them with my denim jacket, I really want to come up with some more ideas to dress them up a little more. I also found how much I enjoyed layering a hoodie under a casual jacket. Even if it was just to the grocery store, I liked the look and feel of it. A hoodie wasn’t warm enough so the combination was perfect. I’ve written here several times how much I love the Vuori brand. Recently I found this hoodie which was a little different style than my zip front

I was probably the exception to the rule this year. It was either joggers or jeans and I didn’t wear sweat pants. I’ll keep wearing the skinny jean styles primarily followed by the cropped flare. I did want to share that I found a straight pair I liked from Kut. I’ll style them soon. Once boot season is back next fall I’m going to try some boot cut styles again! Here is a denim video from my Facebook Live which will give you a good overview of styles and tips for purchasing.

Tops were more important than ever this past year for Zoom calls. Vibrant solid colors worked well. I also really was drawn to lighter weight sweaters that can be worn as a top or a thin blouse layered underneath. Presently I’m having a hard time finding tops that fit my personal style. Sometimes fashion can be like that, and I’ll keep looking and trying to re-work what I have to make it look unique. I’m also drawn to tees–striped, prints, and graphic tees seem to be more my thing than a top or blouse right now. If you favor a romantic style with even a touch of bohemian, this is your season! There are lots of interesting, florals, soft ruffles, larger balloon or puffed sleeves. This top topic is one I’m continuing to research and will devote a whole post to it soon. There has been quite a shift in tops!

I am really looking forward to taking my time this spring as I choose some new things and will be sharing as I go. I encourage you to take a little time to think about what you love and what you are wearing based on a new lifestyle, job change, or just how your personal preferences may have changed. You will shop smarter and make better choices. Getting a few new things will be fun and I’ll be sharing what we are seeing for spring. If you are looking to cut your shopping budget, stay tuned as I’ve been working hard on re-styling several pieces I’ve had for a while and it could inspire you to do the same.

How are you feeling about your spring/summer wardrobe? Have you given some thought to how some of your style preferences may be a little different in 2021? I’d love for you to share in the comments.