How to Create a Current Look with a Cardigan

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The cardigan question is one that comes up frequently. Are cardigans still in? Yes, I don’t think they are going anywhere, but like so many categories in fashion, they are always changing. If you ask me specifically about the shorter style of cardigan, I will likely say… “We just aren’t seeing that as much.” It doesn’t mean it’s totally out of style. I think just about any type of cardigan can still be found, but how we are wearing them may change a little.

To start out this topic, I thought I’d share something I’m doing in my private Facebook group. TEAM TUESDAY allows women to think about preferences and styles they are drawn to. Sometimes it’s clear cut. Sometimes you may be 50/50 and it’s hard to choose a side. All in all, it makes you evaluate where you stand which helps you make wiser shopping choices. This was yesterday’s post and so far Team CARDIGAN is in the lead!

TEAM JACKET: Women in this group love the structure and polish a jacket adds to an outfit. In many ways the jacket is the perfect “third piece” to complete the outfit. There is so much variance in the fabric and styles of jackets now that it goes far beyond the typical blazer. I have said in the past: A jacket is a woman’s best friend because it hides the common flaws. 1.Upper Arms 2. Middle 3. And jackets often “reign in a larger chest” For these reasons personally I will bat for Team Jacket almost all of the time. The right jacket defines your shape, brings in the waist and visually takes off pounds. Certain styles and fabrics can be very comfortable with lots of give. The denim jacket shown above has a super soft fabric with stretch. If you’re NOT on Team Jacket and rarely wear them it’s likely because you find them confining, uncomfortable, too cumbersome, or you may just feel too dressed up wearing a jacket. When that is the case, DON’T buy them, don’t be swayed by others and what you see as popular because likely they will hang in your closet rarely worn! Stay true to YOU and what you love!

TEAM CARDIGAN: Women who vote for this over a jacket love the comfort, softer fabrics, and coziness a cardigan sweater offers. There is just as much variance in cardigans as jackets. Some finer gauge fabrics will show shape and give a very streamlined, sleek, dressy look. Others will be partial to a heavier weight chunkier style cardigan that almost feels like you could wrap up in it like a blanket. Cardigans are perfect to take the chill off a cool evening or air conditioned restaurant. They are easier to pack than jackets and a lighter weight cardigan can layer under a coat more easily than a jacket. And now at home, I think I’m wearing cardigans more. Go figure!

Those who steer away from cardigans often tell me they feel “frumpy”. Some of that comes from a poor pairing with a skirt dress or the “twinset” cardigan from days past. When I hear that, I love the challenge of creating current outfits with cardigans.

Man of you will have a hard time choosing a side and always have a selection of both. That’s me for sure! Now what looks are in? What’s out? And how can you update your cardigan look?

I remember the days when I had a short cardigan in also every color. I’ve been to closets that had dozens, and even those who had a whole section of black cardigans in many different styles. Here are some tips to keep your style current.

  1. Vary your cardigan styles, weight and length. Go for some novelty with different buttons, textures and unique details. This will automatically add interest and “fight the frump” that many with a cardigan. The image below shows a longer duster, but with an updated crop pant, interesting pattern in the boot; this totally works. It just needs a necklace in my opinion! When purchasing this style, make sure to wear something fitted underneath to create a slimmer silhouette. It’s also advisable to size down so it doesn’t overpower you. You don’t need it to close, so if it’s a little smaller and doesn’t meet in the middle that’s ok. (must make sure it’s not too tight in the upper arm)

2. This is a finer gauge dressier cardigan you could wear a multitude of ways. It’s a great length –not too long if you are more petite and worried about getting lost in the length of one shown above. Notice the slits at the side. I’m a big fan of this feature. I like the movement it gives when you walk and I also think it is more flattering than the straight across style on many body types. It’s actually the same cardigan shown in the Team Tuesday graphic above.

3. The Chunky Cardigan: Pure Coziness. With a pair of denim and boots, you can’t go wrong with this. On some body types, this will visually add weight so be cautious of the fabric and patterns. Cabi is featuring a couple interesting styles. I always like the novelty of their cardigans and many I’ve worn for years.

4. This shorter cardigan by 1901 is classic and is still out there, yet the way we wear them is slightly different and that style is not as prevalent as it once was. They still work especially draped or tied over the shoulders,

Recently I shared with you that I’ve been going through old blog posts. I came across this one on CARDIGANS from 2010. I think it will give you a little idea of what I’m referring to when it comes to those short cardigans I wore constantly. Some of the images did not translate will to a newer blog design and the photos are sideways. It’s why I’ve deleted many old posts, but this one really impresses the point of how cardigan styles have changed. The photos at the end were all my clothes. I used to dress up my mannequin and take photos. Looking at that did bring a smile to my face–again, well before the selfies!

Now over to you, you get to vote here if you are not part of the Facebook group. I’d love to have you join and it’s simple as clicking on the link.

Do you favor jackets or cardigans? If you are Team Cardigan, what is your favorite way to wear them?