How to Brighten Up Your Neutral Wardrobe Pieces

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Shopping Tips | 2 comments

Recently I received a question from a client about Color. It was the springboard for a little series I’m doing in my Facebook group. So far I’ve covered a bit of history with color analysis, my personal experience, key guidelines in finding your right colors and finding the undertones in your skin. I can cover this topic so much easier and more thoroughly through video and examples. So if you’re not a member of my group, I’d love to have you join. Look for the UNITS for all the info on color.

I know many of you reading love your neutrals and then feel most comfortable pairing white or cream with your black and gray. This formula puts the soft blush, pink or coral with gray. Pick your tone! Gold or 2-tone jewelry gives more interest and I’d say more contrast than silver jewelry.

Note: In these layouts I like to give options of various accessories or in this case even 2 different shoe choices.

Blazer (similar style//Jeans//Flats//sneakers//sweater//Earring #1//Earring #2//necklace//Tshirt//Bracelet#1//Bracelet#2//Bracelet #3//

Here’s my version. I took the gray “sweater coat” I now have in 2 colors from J Crew. ( it has to be REALLY good for me to buy in multiple colors and this is!) a very old sweater in my closet and one of my favorite pairs of shoes. This snakeskin sneaker by Naturalizer has been the best and I was surprised they were back in stock.

I also really like Rose Gold jewelry with gray, but in this case I decided it wasn’t enough so I went for more gold.

I’ve been told I look really good in black. I’ve also been told I look tired when wearing black. There is certainly black in. my wardrobe and there definitely is a place for it. Here are more ways to work with neutrals. It doesn’t necessarily have to be bright colors just different colors, patterns or jewelry around your face. It will make a big difference and I guarantee you will get more compliments!