How to Style a Jogger Pant

by | May 4, 2020 | Fashion Tips, Fashion trends | 5 comments

Last spring we saw the jogger enter the fashion scene. If you caught a glimpse of this, you might have written those off as just a “fancy sweat pant”.

I wasn’t sure. I’m very careful about what trends I try. This spring I decided to go for it. I found two very different pairs. Despite the fact that I haven’t had any place to go, I know both of these are going to be worn a LOT going forward.  Here they are.

Look #1 is casual, but you could skip the hoodie, add a different shoe and it’s a completely different look.

Joggers//Shoes//jacket//Similar top//similar hoodie.

I love putting rose gold jewelry or gold with gray.

Chevron necklace//marquis necklace//love necklace


Jogger//jacket//camisole//necklace//similar shoe//

What I Liked:

  1. Perfect combination of COMFORT and STYLE. There is a little structure to them and the fabrics lend themselves to be a little dressier.
  2. What about length? I’ve mentioned my short legs many times. I was concerned they would be too “bunchy” around the ankle. But they worked, which leads me to anticipating your next question. What if you have long legs? There is going to be some variance in length and some of that is ok meaning it is going to hit you above the ankle. It will be important to find that “Sweet Spot” and consider balance… always thinking about your individual body type. Check inseam before you order something! Comment below if you have more specific questions.
  3. Can easily be dressed up or down depending on what you put on the top. Shoes will make a big difference as well.
  4. The right shoe is key. The slip on sneaker, a dressy flat or mule. If you want to add a heel, that can work too. Here’s a couple other pairs I liked. flats//sneakers

AND last, it’s the perfect thing if you are working at home now–a nice alternative to jeans and just as comfy as sweat pants!

So what do you think? Will this be a trend you want to give a try?