Editing your Closet Pandemic Style

by | Oct 30, 2020 | Closet Organization, Shopping Tips | 1 comment

It’s time for the Season Closet Switch. In many parts of the country the weather is changing. Mornings and evenings are cooler even if the days are beautiful. It’s time to get out sweaters and boots. I decided the best way to take you through my process was to create a video. So here it is. It also talks about the real fact we are all facing right now when we go through the past season and realize what we DIDN’t wear. Pandemic purging?

To summarize, when editing after a season think about LIFESTYLE, WEATHER and OCCASION before getting rid of it after a year of not wearing.

When editing every season remember the 3 Strikes: Fit/Condition/Style. One thing I didn’t mention in the video. If you are on Zoom, you may be able to wear an ill fitting top because the entire thing doesn’t show. This worked for me the last several months. One advantage of Covid and Zoom calls.

Now let’s discuss some other ways to evaluate things you may not have worn–not just for a year, but when you start to see the same shopping behavior patterns. There is nothing wrong if you answer YES to any of these. It’s common and I have been there or I’ve helped women who have experienced these –it’s why I can write this list!

Shopping Habits to Evaluate:

Do you purchase items that suit a life you don’t lead? (buy classic corporate style clothes because you like them but don’t really have a place to wear them) Here’s another example. After I quit my teaching job, now over 20 years ago, I kept buying clothes –particularly dress pants. I didn’t need them. I found myself drawn to all these clothes I had no use for any more.

If you have lost weight, do you buy clothes in your former size? Have you had a friend or family member tell you your clothes are too large?

Have you ever bought an item a size smaller hoping you’d fit into it?

Do you repeatedly overbuy in one category simply because you continue to want more variety in cuts, brands and styles. For example: Denim. It’s a common one. It’s almost like acquiring a collection of different styles. This could happen with any category.

Do you purchase outfits for more events than you actually attend? For example you may have way more “going out outfits” and you continue to buy them, yet you stay home more than go out. (I’m thinking pre-pandemic)

Do you make a purchase because it makes you feel happy?

Do you enjoy the actual search and sense of accomplishment when you scored an amazing deal–even if you don’t need it?

Have you purchased something because someone else (blogger, influence, friend or relative) told you it was a MUST HAVE and then it didn’t work for you and you never returned it?

Do you continue to purchase like items and not remember you had something similar at home?

Do you buy the same item in four to five colors when you find something you love?

There is nothing BAD about answering yes to many of these questions. It’s about awareness first of all. Next ask yourself: Is it bothersome to you, or does it affect your time, your budget, your family in any way?

Evaluating these behaviors is helpful when you do a closet edit. If you keep hauling more out of your closet year after year and that is not what you WANT to do, carefully go through this list and be honest with yourself. I have a hunch it will create awareness and that’s all you need. It will make you think twice. You don’t need Shopper’s Anonymous! 🙂