Dressing for the Holidays Formula #2: Jewelry

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Accessories, Holiday Dressing, Jewelry | 0 comments

I thought I’d finish up the topic on dressing for the holidays, and give you another formula– this time for adding jewelry. Perhaps you were able to pick up some great Black Friday specials that you could wear to a holiday event. If not, I have been on the hunt and found some more pieces you might like. If you haven’t found anything–there is still time!

I went into my closet and pulled out everything that can be worn at the holidays–thankful I had chosen classic styles that could be worn again in different ways. I don’t really think I needed to add a thing–well maybe jewelry!

Although my last formula focused on variations using velvet, leather or a little sparkle, if that is not your taste, simply wearing a vibrant color or classic neutral like black/cream with a little jewelry steps it up a level.

Back to the try-on session showing some outfits I put together including jewelry. First I took a velvet legging I’ve had for years. In that previous post my shopping widget showed all sorts of options, but somehow I didn’t see my favorite Eileen Fisher legging–sold out! Spanx has a similar version that I have not tried personally. Keep reading for more choices!

I paired the leggings with a long sleeved black top by Michael Stars from EVEREVE that has a gold thread. Although I’m not sure it’s a must have for me, I liked it and found it to be super comfortable. Here are three options for jewelry.

Simple Gold Necklace//Gold Hoops (see Nadri in widget below)//gold and pearl statement earrings. The necklace is quite understated, and the earrings have the sparkle although hard to see in the photo.

I kept in mind that many of you reading like simple styles of jewelry and don’t always love a necklace. You’ve told me that necklaces can be heavy around your neck or get in the way. I believe the more jewelry the better, but I’m listening and pared it down to appeal to a variety of jewelry tastes.

VARIATION #1 Skip the necklace completely and go with a statement earring (as shown in the 3rd view)

Since this top has a gold thread, you don’t as much sparkle and shine. I often get asked how I decide on jewelry for each outfit. It really is a judgement call each time. I always try a couple of options to compare. It does take some practice and trying different combinations. You are welcome to send me an email if you need advice.

I chose classic styles with a bit of sparkle from Nadri. I also included some Kendra Scott pieces for something a touch more trendy.

VARIATION #2 Wear a smaller stud earring and add gold and/or sparkle in the necklace.

The velvet top seemed perfect for this variation. Or skipping the necklace and going with a statement earring and bracelets.

And last, a more casual outfit with a statement necklace. Note how you can reverse it and wear it on the opposite side to take it down a level.

The next outfit is a little dressier with the faux fur coat. I love this piece and pull it out every year at the holidays. I originally wore it with the cream, and this year I styled it with the red and liked that as well. Of course it’s been a few years, and I’m not going to find the exact one. I was pleasantly surprised to find some good possibilities for you.

I think White House Black Market does a great job for the holidays and included several pieces below. They also have a special holiday section.

Here are a few more possibilities. I have honestly only scratched the surface. Every store has great choices–many at reasonable prices. Enjoy your holiday events!