Dress for the Holidays Formula

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Fashion trends, Holiday Dressing | 2 comments

I planned to publish this after Thanksgiving Day, but as Cyber Week continues, I worried about things selling out. Realizing you may pick up your phone and shop after turkey dinner, I decided to hit the publish button.

I started writing about dressing for the holidays a few weeks ago. Now with lots of Black Friday deals, you can get a head start on finding some things for holiday get-togethers.

I thought it would be easy to explain it using the formula concept.


Denim/Dressy top/Boots/Jewelry/Clutch

In the photo below, I took a pretty simple pair of denim and paired it with a top that had a bit more interest. While it could also be worn casually I dressed it up with jewelry, velvet boots and a clutch that broke up all the black.

FORMULA  Variations

Variation #1

–Add color on the bottom. I think burgundy or dark green are a great holiday addition. Keep it neutral on top. You can also reverse this variation by adding cream on the bottom. I always like the contrast of off-white with dark jewel tone colors  but anything will work! I found the best deals in this category with great options in a variety of colors.

Variation #2

–Add Velvet: Use the same formula but choose velvet denim in a color or neutral. This will elevate the look. Pair it with a top which can be as simple or dressy as you choose. Not into velvet on the bottom? Put it on top instead. I added some velvet pieces in the Black Friday Shopping Guide. Here they are again with some new additions.

Variation #3

If Velvet isn’t your thing, add sparkle!

— Sequins

— Gold or silver thread woven in a top is a little more subtle way to add sparkle

Variation #4

Think Leather or Lace. You can’t go wrong with Leather on the top OR bottom. I have a faux leather legging– part ponte knit part faux leather. There are dozens of options for faux leather. I wore them for a Halloween costume last year (I was Pat Benatar) and not sure I can go with the full leather legging but it works on many!

I think lace adds that touch of dressiness. Even if that romantic element is far from your personal style, a lace overlay, jacket or a top with a little lace on the sleeve can give a different vibe than what is typically associated with a lacey piece. It’s all in the pairing.

Stella & Dot had the best options for holiday tops this year. From lace, to metallic to sequins they covered all the bases at an affordable price. The lace jacket is just a winner! It’s great to drape over a dress or pair with a velvet tank, skirt.

Their clutches are also so on point! Shoes? Velvet, animal print or just a solid basic will work well.

Enjoy dressing for your holiday gatherings. Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to experiment!