Closet Organization Tips from a Professional Organizer

by | Jan 31, 2020 | Closet Organization | 0 comments

You didn’t think I’d get through the whole month of January without blogging about closet organization did you? It’s the topic near and dear to my heart. I’ve explained my process through video, and numerous posts. Last year I tackled the whole capsule wardrobe concept. This time I decided to give you a different perspective since you’ve heard it many times from me.

When I go to do a closet consult I focus a lot on general spacing and organization  –where to put what and why that makes sense. We talk about the clothes, reorganize, purge if necessary, make new combinations and look at jewelry. For those of you new here, this is a video that explains it in a nutshell.

It led to this TV spot.

But I’m not able to tackle the structural components of the closet planning. Who wants the sagging organizer in the middle of the closet as shown below?

Let me introduce professional organizer, Anne Blumer and her business Solutions for You. We actually met over a decade ago when we both took a course taught by the same personal stylist who focused on helping clients purge their closets. Our paths have crossed several times since. Now we are in the same networking group and have enjoyed getting to know each other better.

Here’s an article from Anne’s blog written after the Marie Kondo series got everyone talking.

I agree with her perspective. A couple points:

  1. It is so helpful to take everything out of the closet. HOWEVER, sometimes with our busy lives that isn’t realistic unless you have a whole day and can finish it. I think many women try, get overwhelmed and stop. Things get shoved back in the closet and more shopping mistakes occur because the project wasn’t finished. Keep that in mind before you start or tackle it a section at a time.
  2. I couldn’t agree more when it comes to organizing by category then color. I’ve said that a lot here! I can’t tell you how many times a “light bulb turns on” when I’m in a clients closet. Suddenly they see the 5 black similar tee shirts!
  3. I’m a little more lenient on the number of colors and patterns but that is determined when we do our client consult. My questions  —do you tire of your clothes easily, do you like lots of choices or just a few helps me hone in on that

If I’ve worked with you in your closet and we have gone through the process described above, I highly recommend asking Anne to work with you to help create a system that makes sense when it comes to shelves, bins, extendable closet rods etc. She works with the Container Store’s Elfa system which right now is on sale at 30% off.

If you are interested in getting some help with your closet and would like my help, Anne’s expertise or perhaps a joint consult, CONTACT me for a quote. If you’d like Anne to help you in other rooms of the house (she does it all) be sure and check out her website to see the before and after photos.

It’s a New Year and a New Decade. Imagine the time you will save on a daily basis when you can go to your closet and find all your things in one place and create outfits with pieces that complement your style, personality. Imagine limiting those shopping mistakes avoiding all the waste of things that “just didn’t work!” We would love to help!