Answering your Jewelry Questions/Giveaway Winner

by | Apr 4, 2018 | Closet Organization, Jewelry | 0 comments

We have a winner! Thanks for all your comments/entries. Congrats Diana!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. My apologies for the delay in this post, and announcing a winner, but I was a little preoccupied this week. Today I was on TV–a spot on a local TV show talking about making a plan BEFORE you shop. More about that coming up later this week. I’m sure you are curious how I decided what to wear! That’s coming and a whole lot more!

On to your questions:

1. Do you really purge 2x a year? Yes, I stick with that system and it works well for me. Sometimes I don’t get rid of very much. I also try to clean my jewelry 1x a year and should do it more. (I just use a small amount of ammonia, water and liquid soap and silver cleaner for some)

Here is what I purged this year–I got rid of more than I thought, and could eliminate one whole bracelet organizer. I will try to consign some, the rest will be donated. Certainly some necklaces and a couple bracelets could have gone either way. I don’t think I’ll miss any of it.

2. My video may have been misleading when I said to get all things out of drawers so you will see them. I should have been more specific. If your jewelry is stuffed in a box or drawers where there is simply too much it will be hard to see and therefore choose. The video couldn’t show my drawer organization so here are some better pictures.

These work pretty well for me especially for earrings, smaller necklaces and off season or seldom worn pieces I still want to keep. If you would like a similar system, you can duplicate it with this from the container store.

Are you inspired to purge a few pieces and add some new ways to organize it?

Next week I’ll show some ways to pack your jewelry.