Affordable Cashmere Options

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Fashion Tips, Shop on a Budget, Shopping Tips | 0 comments

I popped into the Nordstrom Rack this week and lo and behold there was a rounder of new cashmere arrivals! AND it looks like many are on the website too in a good choice of sizes. That changes fast, so if you see anything you like, grab it. Returns are easy!

Certainly I don’t need many cashmere choices living in the Pacific Northwest. But it has been so unseasonably cold here, and I guess the day I walked into the Rack those lovely sweaters were so tempting. So I took a bunch home to try on and photograph. There were WAY too many choices to add in photos. Click on the photos for a direct link but more options in the links to the Griffin cashmere below. For size purposes, with the boyfriend style I’m wearing a Medium. So size down.

Top of the line cashmere can be spendy.  You do NOT need to spend a fortune for that quality if you just want a warm sweater. Halogen has many great 100% cashmere (don’t do a blend) options and I have worn those over the years. They last for several seasons. They always go on sale so watch as soon some colors will be phased out and you get some bargains. They will be reduced after the holidays for sure.

I covet the Vince Cashmere and Nordstrom Signature pieces often reduced at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. When you go this price point, you may find you can get more than 2-3 seasons from these type of sweaters. They are classic and stay in style. If your climate only calls for wearing sweaters occasionally they will last even longer. They are beautiful sweaters.

Yet, that’s a dent in the budget.

If you can find 2-ply or above that is the finer quality cashmere. Sometimes tags are not marked. I use the price point and feel to guide me. I was drawn to these choices from The Rack perhaps because I wanted something beyond Halogen. Griffen is a brand I recall being in the full-line stores, but it is no longer carried there. It’s one of those Nordstrom Rack brands only. If nothing appeals to you there, you’ll find many other labels at The Rack!

But What About Pilling:
Remember to refer to my post on pilling. Pilling is when the short fibers twist around themselves, caused by friction in wear areas, such as underarms, where a bag rubs or anywhere where there is movement. Surprisingly, the experts say it doesn’t matter how expensive your cashmere is, because pills don’t discriminate. Pilling is an inevitable consequence of the careful processing of this fiber. You know the solutions with the higher end sweater shavers and stones. You need to depend on these. They are a wardrobe staple!

So what do you think? Are you adding any cashmere this season?