Adding the Slip-on Sneaker Trend into your Wardrobe

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Fashion trends, Shoes and Boots | 0 comments

This trend entered the fashion scene over two years ago, but I think it was last year that it really caught on for me and many others. At first I thought the look may be too casual, but I found myself really enjoying this trend. It’s a current and modern look. I encourage you to add some sneakers. It’s even carried over to men’s fashion. High end sneakers are now worn with suits.

Last summer I wrote a post on dressing down an outfit. Sneakers–both slip-on and lace up were a big part of making that work.

These are some of my favorite styles this spring. I tried to cover different brands, widths and price points. Most of these styles come in various colors.



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Here is another article with more ideas and photos.

When choosing a sneaker here are a few tips:

  1. Make sure the white sole is not TOO thick
  2. Note the fabric of the shoe and the flexibility. If it is too stiff, the back could easily rub the back of your foot and cause a difficult break in period.
  3. Mole skin is a great help when you are breaking in shoes especially if a certain part of the shoe rubs.
  4. Make sure the shoe is a good fit. Wear it around the house before deciding. If you try on in store on a cold day, and it’s a shoe that will be worn in warmer weather keep in mind your feet swell in the heat.

Not sure the look is for you?

  1. Start slowly and wear with cropped denim, casual pants
  2. Once you have grown accustomed to the look, try pairing a sneaker with a skirt or casual dress.
  3. Next, try with a pair of dress pants and a more casual jacket.
  4. Or turn it around and try a blazer, roll up the sleeves, add jeans and sneakers.

Experiment and have fun with it. Soon you will adjust to this new look and it will seem like second nature to put sneakers with just about anything!