Adding in Jewelry to Your Wardrobe

by | Mar 30, 2018 | Jewelry | 0 comments

Thanks so much for your comments on the last jewelry post. Remember, you can still make comments through tomorrow and be counted in for the drawing! You may comment on this post or the previous one to be entered to win this. (One comment per person please) To make a comment, aways scroll to the very bottom of each post. There is a tiny “bubble” off to the right with a number. Click on this and it takes you to another box to leave a reply.

I’ve had some great questions and I’ll continue to compile those and answer all next week. Keep the questions coming in the comment section. In continuation of my little series on jewelry, I wanted to give you tips on what to pick–especially if you are not a jewelry person. In fact several of the comments reflected that. If you are happy wearing the same simple necklace and earrings all the time, there is nothing wrong with that! Some women are not happy with it. They observe what others are doing, and they want to evolve their jewelry style, but don’t really know where to start.

Here is my advice if you want to take it up a notch:

( All pieces shown are from Stella & Dot. Since I sell this line, I have quick access to all the photos and know it well. The photos are all actual links if you are interested in ordering. These are just ideas–dozens of sources out there! Once you have an idea you can apply it to pieces at any store)

1. Simple necklace that sits in the “sweet spot” of a neckline. Stands out a little more than a delicate pendant. It’s a nice way to start because later it can be layered with a longer piece. The Luna necklace I’m giving away (shown above) is the perfect example of this.

2. A longer necklace immediately is more noticable, yet these are so simple.

3. If you like the longer pieces, now try moving up to something like this:

4. And last, there are statements pieces. If you are just starting to add jewelry, you DON’T want to start here.

EARRINGS: General rule of thumb: If the focal point is the necklace keep the earrings simple, or if your hair covers most of the earring. If you love large earring, keep the necklace simple.

1. Simple earrings: basic studs and of course so many variations of this. Wear with larger necklaces or layers.

2. Simple, but unique and on trend right now. These are a personal favorite! Photo links to all in this “ear jacket” category.

3. Drop–delicate but a touch more noticeable. Hoops would also fit in this category.

4. Statement! I love all of these, but they really do stand out with short hair and I tend to feel like I’m all earring! However, I did get the first pair and I love them! And remember when it says 2 in 1 you can separate the sections and wear individually too! Instead of linking each one of these, here is a link to all earrings.

I’m always here to help you with more ideas and pairing it all together!