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    Shoe Review: Allbirds–The World’s Most Comfortable Shoe

    Have you heard of Allbirds? I had seen the advertising on social media over the last year, and I was very curious–especially when something is marketed as the “world’s most comfortable shoe!”  I had several family members rave about these shoes so I decided to give them a try.

    First Stop: The Allbirds website which is well done, informative and drew me in immediately. They have stores in San Francisco, New York, London, Chicago and Boston. Sadly nothing in the Pacific Northwest yet.

    Because I don’t have average feet, the first thing I was interested in was the RETURN POLICY. I didn’t think there was anyway that could beat Zappos or Nordstrom. I was pleasantly surprised. They have so much confidence in the comfort, they believe that trying for 30 days will convince you.

    “If you’re not walking on Cloud 9, we’ll take them back-no questions asked!” Ok I like that a lot!

    Before I even got to the shoes, here are some other aspects that impressed me.

    1. The Recycled Packaging that serves as a shoe box, shopping bag and mailer all in one? Brilliant!
    2. Partnering with Soles4Souls lightly used Allbirds find new life all around the world.

    all birds recycled packaging style by Karen

    Now to the shoes! (By the way, styles for women, men and kids)


    Merino wool–a sustainable resource that was virtually absent in the footwear industry prompted Allbirds creator, Tim Brown (New Zealand native) to research wool and other natural fabrics. The journey into this innovative footwear began. Natural materials inspired a new category of shoes with an ongoing mantra to “create things a better way” focusing on nature’s materials instead of synthetic alternatives. Their soles are made from sugarcane, and their laces from 100% post -consumer recycled polyester.


    Simple, practical without a lot of bells and whistles.

    If you like a lace up traditional running shoe look go for the Women’s Wool Runners in a variety of colors. Keep in mind, these are not meant for long distance running. They’re casual walking shoes.


    I ordered the TREE LOUNGER in Charcoal and immediately felt like I was in slippers with style! There really wasn’t even a break in period. They had a reasonable amount of cushion and my feet were immediately happy. My wide foot did just fine in this stretchy mesh fabric which conformed to my foot.

    I was concerned about the lack of arch support because so many time that is a problem with these styles. (If you’ve ever had a bout with plantar fasciitis you will NEVER purchase not-supportive shoe again.)

    I liked how light weight they were and imagined them on a trip not only for the comfort but not weighing down a suitcase!

    And, as advertised, I don’t wear them with socks. I don’t wear socks with many of my shoes/boots except for the Smart wool that I swear by because they don’t slip off your foot even after many steps.

    Fun Fact; the Tree Lounger style is made from responsibly grown and sustainably harvested eucalyptus pulp!


    I’d say the one complaint women may have will be the lack of half sizes. They do run SMALL. I ordered UP  and was very pleased with my sizing choice.

    Now some of the other benefits including that they are MACHINE WASHABLE!

    benefits of Allbirds Style by Karen

    Here they are on my feet. I’m sold! I absolutely love these shoes and I look forward to adding the wool runner eventually. I highly recommend giving them a try. The pricing at $95 makes them a win for sure!

    Allbirds Tree lounger: style by Karen

    Below–a beautiful Sunday in Portland taken at Council Crest Park where you can see fantastic view of Mt. Hood, shown in the background.

    allbirds shoe review at Style by Karen

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