Let’s Clean it Up Part 3

by | May 7, 2018 | Clean Beauty | 6 comments

This is the final post on cleaning up your health and beauty products. I hope it has been helpful, and motivated you to dig a little deeper into what is in the products you use daily.

I think the toughest part is the research. It’s time consuming. I found another article that will help you break down the ingredients you may be seeing on the Think Dirty app. I liked the way it simplified and explained the most common ones. It can get technical!

I was really happy to receive a message from Georgi about the deodorant post on my Facebook Page. I realized after a short phone conversation that she knew a great deal on the topic.

As she said, when she found Pure Haven there were so many great aspects–it checked off all the boxes so to speak. She didn’t have to keep researching and looking for one product here and another there. I liked hearing that!

She particularly talked about the clean scents in the products. The laundry detergent has that fresh cotton smell (always a personal favorite)The body lotion is unscented and you can add your own essential oils. Georgi highly recommends the Master Blaster for stain removal. The Surface Cleaner even has her kids helping with the cleaning and not hating the typical scents of kitchen and bathroom cleaners. I can’t wait to try some of their products.

I know you will have questions. Comment on the post and I will send your questions to Georgi and answer directly on the blog or refer you to her for more info.

ALL COMMENTS on any of the 3 posts will enter you in the Giveaway for a free shower gel from Pure Haven. Thanks Georgi for sharing with me and thanks for offering this to readers.

Next on the list: Shampoo. Pure Haven has shampoo and here is another company you may want to check out: Monat

There are dozens of articles on the detriments of certain chemicals in sunscreen. I’ll be giving away EVER’s Clear Daylight sunscreen. Even if the makeup you use has an SPF, summer get be brutal on the skin. I use this as an extra layer on my face paying extra attention to my nose, ears neck when I’m in the sun. SPF32.

And speaking of sun, I don’t love the sun like I used to but do not like being pale. Here is a safe self tanner. VITA LIBERATA

So let’s hear it from you. Where are you going to start? Make a comment and you’ll be entered. We will have two winners: Shower gel and sunscreen.